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Kyogle Weather is a new weather site (web-cam) located in the northeast corner of New South Wales, Australia.

Our part of this dry continent has some of the most spectacular scenery and weather. This site contains a comprehensive breakdown of the current weather from an Automatic Weather Station (AWS) as well as scenic video Web-Cam coverage of the Richmond River Valley and the town of Kyogle, nestled on the side of Fairymount.

Our links page provides entry to other related weather web sites and access to a scenic section that will progressively grow. If you have or know of any other good sites that we have not listed please let us know.

If you have images of our scenic region or of weather related events and would like to share them with the world, let us know and we'll try to include them in our galleries. So, now you only have to use the navigation menu and work out — where is it you wish to go?

Australia Bureau of Meteorology Links:

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